National History Day competition fuels students’ passion for discovery

National History Day competition fuels students’ passion for discovery



Georgia middle and high school students participating in this month’s National History Day state contest plan to spotlight key people and moments that have made an impact on our country and world.

状态事件, 在4月20日举行, will be the third time the college serves as the host for National History Day, 一个庆祝成立50周年的组织th 周年纪念日.

“这是一个不可思议的里程碑,” said History Professor and National History Day Georgia Co-Affiliate Coordinator Dr. 凯文·雪莉. “Born out of Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University history department that was concerned about the decline in the study of humanities, NHD became a global phenomenon in which students stake a claim of ownership in their learning and become historians—engaging in the same process professional historians use to find answers to their questions.”

NHD执行董事. 凯茜Gorn, 谁参与了42年的全国项目, 她说她每天都能在工作中找到成就感.

“To be part of a program that is helping future generations become thoughtful citizens is quite profound,”她说。. “NHD continues to help young people make sense of the present by understanding the past in order to be part of the future.”

的 competition has provided 皇冠足球大学 with a platform to reach more students.

“NHD is a living expression of the college’s commitment to service and transformation—in many ways projecting the priorities and values articulated in the college’s mission statement outward—across the state and the region,” Dr. 雪莉说.

Hayleigh Sebaugh大四学生, 谁是NHD GA的实习生, 她说,这个角色给了她指导竞争对手的机会, build connections and even travel to the national contest in Washington, D.C.

“这是一次宝贵的学习经历,”她说. 在国家历史纪念日庆祝其成立50周年之际, 我非常感激能成为其中的一员.”

今年的州竞赛将有450名学生和257个项目参加. 总共需要130名志愿者担任评委. 

竞争对手, 单独或集体工作的, will present their projects through one of five media:  Historical Paper, 展览, 表演, 文件或网站. 今年的主题是“历史的转折点”.”

Judges from each category advance the top two state entries to the national contest that will be held June 9-13 at the University of Maryland in College Park.

Since 2014, LC has served as the state co-sponsor of National History Day with Georgia Humanities.

Dr. 雪莱劳, 国家人文基金会主席, said NHD has enriched the lives of countless students over the course of its existence.

“50年来, National History Day has inspired young people with curiosity about the past and given them the tools to conduct their own historical research,”她说。. “的 National Endowment for the Humanities is extremely proud to have played a role in National History Day’s growth from a small pilot project into a national program that reaches more than half a million students and tens of thousands of teachers each year.”

People interested in serving as a volunteer judge for the state contest can register on the NHD GA 网站.



  • 电影 & 媒体艺术 program is accepting submissions for the 2024 LC电影 Showcase on Thursday, April 25. 类别是#LCPantherPride社交媒体内容, LC student/employee short film and Georgia high school student short film. 可以提交的短片类型为叙事类, 纪录片和/或实验短片. Accepted works will be eligible for audience awards distributed at the event. Multiple entries are welcome, but only one entry can be submitted per 在线表单. 截止日期是4月15日星期一晚上11点59分.m.
  • 校友 in the Rome area are encouraged to join President Baxter for an evening of college-centered conversations on 4月11日星期四, 下午5点.m.在20岁的乔和丽贝卡·蒙哥马利的家中.
  • 未来的学生和他们的家人将参观校园 春季预展日 4月13日星期六. 这是本学年的最后一次. 欲了解更多信息,请访问预览日 网站.



LIVE@LC:行动主义:个人 & 社区


4 p.m.贝利室

  • 政治学教授. John Tures will lead a discussion on how to get involved in the community.



6:30 p.m.住宅广场

  • Baptist Collegiate Ministry will host a Bible study and fellowship event.

Dr. 凯文·雪利——埃塞尔·达利斯·希尔历史教授的装置


3 p.m.西区的贝森独奏厅

  • 将举行正式的就职仪式. 凯文·雪莉担任埃塞尔·达利斯·希尔历史教授.



3 p.m.迪克森会议室

  • 为纪念性侵犯意识月, there will be exhibits of outfits from people who have experienced sexual assault. 衣服将由和谐之家提供, a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter and awareness organization. 该活动旨在提高人们对性侵犯耻辱的认识.



4 p.m.玉米礼堂

  • 妮可·马多克斯, 招生主任, will lead a session on how students can take problem-solving skills from different jobs or classes and turn them into leadership skills to enhance their career.



11 a.m.玉米礼堂

  • Political Science Professor Jeff Lukken will share different styles of leadership and principles that make a moral leader.



3 p.m.玉米礼堂

  • 牧师. Ashley Jenkins will lead a session on ethical decision making in leadership and life.

放映《皇冠足球盘口》 & 凿子”和Q&A与电影制作人杰西·弗里曼


5:30 p.m.西区的贝森独奏厅

  • LC电影 & 媒体艺术 will present a screening of the film "Steffen Thomas: Rock and Chisel”, 关于斯蒂芬·托马斯的纪录片, 这位巴伐利亚出生的雕塑家以半身像和纪念碑而闻名, 特别是, 他的特伦雕塑, 亚特兰大的地标. 带着大量的档案录像,洛克 & Chisel spotlights the complicated facets of this one-of-a-kind artist. 电影maker Jesse Freeman will be in attendance for a question and answer session. 



25岁的海莉·帕尔默:“加入我们的预演日- 4月13日."

春季预展日 is an excellent way for prospective students and families to find out more about 皇冠足球大学. Get a look at life as a Panther by meeting with current students and faculty, learning about academic programs and getting a personal view of campus. 皇冠足球登记.edu.





黑豹队在3月29日至30日的圣约学院系列赛中止步不前. LC赢得了第一场比赛 7-0 但他还是 9比8和7比5输了 在它的双头. 周二,球队以1分的成绩反弹 本次赢 在Oglethorpe. LC will be on the road to face Berry College on 4月9日星期二, at 6 p.m.



信用证了 8-0和9-0 将于3月28日星期四与贝尔黑文队进行双打. 的 Panthers will be at home taking on Maryville on 4月5日星期五, (today), at 3 p.m. 还有5p.m. 的 team will celebrate senior day prior to their doubleheader against Berea College on 4月6日星期六. 比赛开始时间是中午和下午2点.m.



黑豹队排名第十 Wynlakes校际 过去的一周. 二年级学生杰里米·埃德蒙兹在74名球员中排名第六. 这支球队本周不参加比赛.





小瑞恩·科莫被提名 USAC本周最佳进攻球员. In the team’s 22-9 victory over Huntingdon, Comeau scored a team-high six goals on 12 shots.



黑豹队败给了皮埃蒙特 0-9 4月1日星期一. 的 team hosts Berea College on 4月6日星期六, and Maryville College on 4月7日星期日.



LC输给了皮埃蒙特 0-9 4月1日星期一. 黑豹队将在周六主场迎战伯里亚学院, 4月6日,周日玛丽维尔学院, 4月7日.



的 Panthers lost 5-0 against Huntingdon in the final game of the season on Thursday, April 4.



(Please note that schedules may change due to circumstances beyond our control. 请查看www.lagrangepanthers.Com确认.)

4月5日星期五 ——垒球 (家里) vs. 玛丽维尔,下午三点.m. 还有5p.m., LC垒球综合体

4月6日星期六 -男子网球 (家里) vs. 伯里亚,中午,格林网球场

4月6日星期六 -女子网球 (家里) vs. 伯里亚,中午,格林网球场

4月6日星期六 ——垒球 (家里) vs. 伯里亚,中午和下午两点.m., LC垒球综合体

4月6日星期六 ——长曲棍球 (家里) vs. 格林斯博罗,中午,黑豹机场

4月7日星期日 -男子网球 (家里) vs. 玛丽维尔,中午,格林网球场

4月7日星期日 -女子网球 (家里) vs. 玛丽维尔,中午,格林网球场

4月9日星期二 -亨廷顿垒球,下午5点.m. 7分.m.阿拉巴马州蒙哥马利市

4月9日星期二 -贝瑞球场的棒球,下午6点.m.,罗马,格鲁吉亚

4月10日星期三 ——皮埃蒙特长曲棍球,下午7点.m.来自乔治亚州的Demorest

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